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Benefits of the Modern Desktop

Success is about people. Business leaders recognize that people are central to how their companies operate, and empowering people is imperative to innovate and grow in any competitive landscape. Implementing a Modern Workplace should not be considered a “nice to have” – but a top priority.

And people love their PCs! Mobile phones are great for communication and light productivity on the go. Tablets are great for interacting with content. But when users really need to get work done, they choose a PC or a Mac.

So could your organization be more successful with your current PCs or Macs? If your company is still using Windows 7 & Office 2010, it’s key to consider that since their introduction the world has changed:

We’re observing a shift from traditional offices to open physical environments and collaborative workspaces.
Teamwork has become essential to the way work gets done and organizations are more networked.
The workforce and business landscape are changing, and employee and customer expectations are evolving.
At the same time, companies are faced with the challenge of protecting their people and IP in a more complex threat environment
Having the right technology in place and enabling employees to do their best work, from anywhere, is a critical part of digital transformation.

The modern Desktop is also the greener solution as all infrastructure is in Microsoft datacenters. This also makes you company much less susceptible to Disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and other threats.

We also offer low-cost automated security solutions that are monitored 24 hours a day.

This is where the Modern Desktop fits in.

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